Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber


The service consists of a spare, continuous, fiber optic strand between two accessible terminals within an existing, terminated fiber optic cable sheath. The Dark Fiber is unlit and has no fiber optic transmission equipment (e.g. intermediate repeaters) attached.


Service sub-type


DF rental

Periodically paid DF usage


In advance payment for the DF usage period



  • Nx1 fibers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Reliable


Sample applications

  • Ethernet Leased Line
  • Local loop for SDH line (E1, STMx, etc.)


Technical description

Please see the attached file


Service provisioning process 

  • Inquiry > Quotation > Order > Provisioning
  • Provisioning within 15 business days frof the Order (meantime, ask for exact)


To place an order/request for information, please specify

  • Service sub-type
  • Number of fibers
  • End-points location (city, street, etc.)
  • Contact person (name, mobile phone, e-mail)


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