Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services


Telehouse provides consultancy services to telecom service providers in the following areas:


  • Acquisition, merger and sale of telecom companies. We consult the process in all stages:
    • valuation
    • documents pack preparation
    • post sale organization and others


  • Backbone design
    • optimal topology for robust network operation of backbone, metro and access segments
    • IP and Layer-2 network architecture


  • DVB-C and IPTV implementation
    • headend
    • multiplex and channel streams arrangement
    • CAS system
    • signal distribution system
    • optimal devices in the central and the transmission networks
    • STB 
    • copyrights and General Terms and Conditions


  • Telephone service for inbound and outbound calls via SIP protocol
    • analysis and equipment recommendation
    • configuration and settings
    • system administrators staff training
    • required registrations and licenses
    • billing system
    • upstream providers routes configuration
    • interconnnect process with other licensed operators


  • Processes automation systems
    • Integrated billing system for provider's services management
    • Service provisioning ERP system
    • CRM for analysis and influence over the customers loyalty, satisfaction and retention



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